Landscaping Tips to Keep Weeds Down


Just in the same way that plants thrive in healthy, well-watered soils, weeds thrive in the same conditions too. Weeds make your landscape unattractive and compete for the nutrients meant for the plants.

Ensuring that weeds do not thrive in your yard will ensure that you don’t spend too much trying to get rid of the weeds. Here are some ways you can make this possible:

Avoid Cultivating Too Deep

When preparing your land, work on top two inches only. Most of the weeds remain dormant in the soil and if you bring the up through over-cultivation, they’ll germinate.

Go for Fast-Growing Flowers

Fast-growing flowers will mature faster and fill up the empty spaces in between which will deny the weeds any room for growth.

Mulch your flower garden

Mulching is another effective way of ensuring that only the plants you want thrive in your landscape. In case any weeds attempt to germinate within the mulch, use a rake to stir the mulch.

With time, you’ll need to apply a fresh layer of mulch when the existing mulch begins to rot. This way, the weeds will not have room for thriving in your landscape, and also, the decomposing mulch will supply nutrients to your garden.

Space Your Plants Correctly

When planting your flowers or other plants, use the recommended spacing to avoid giving room for weeds to thrive. If you leave too much space in between plants, you’ll provide the light and open space the weeds require to multiply.

You can ask the handyman to help in the planting as he knows the best spacing for each plant in your landscape.

Check Seedlings Before Transplanting

It is not unusual to notice some strange plants or weeds attaching themselves to seedlings. If you notice such plants, uproot them before planting the plants in your garden. You will have saved yourself the trouble of having weeds all over your landscape.

Water Wisely

Another way of preventing weeds from thriving is by watering only in the right places. To achieve this, you’ll use a hose to water your plants at the base, leaving every other space dry. This will ensure that the weed seeds lying in the open spaces of your landscape do not sprout and flourish says the pro’s at

Pull Out All Visible Weeds

This may sound like a lot of work but pulling out weeds as soon as you notice them will prevent a more serious problem. When you remove weeds before they get to their seeding stage, it will ensure that there are no offspring after the weed dies.

Pulling out the weed instead of weeding will also ensure that you don’t bring to the surface the weed seeds under the surface. if you find a plant that is too difficult to remove, insert a sharp-edged object so you remove it from the roots.

As a result of your busy schedule, you may not have the time or even the energy to take care of your weed control. This, however, does not mean that you leave weeds to grow all over.

Weed Control

A professional landscaper will gladly offer his services and ensure that he handles all weed control tasks on your behalf.  Whether you need weekly, biweekly or monthly weed control services, he will be there.

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